• Terms & Policies
    1. Purpose
    Purpose of this agreement decides a detail execution and observance fact between Traesco,co.ltd and tourists for Korean tour. 
    2. Responsibility 
     1) Traesco will establish travel plan and execution process to provide safety and satisfactory service considering customer priority.  
     2) The tourist must cooperate with Traesco in order to perform a safety and joyful tour while group traveling. 
    3. Contains of contract 
     1) The tour contract includes contract and agreement and introduction. 
     2) The introduction of itinerary will cover the tour courses, places, transportation means, detailed milestone, meal and drink, 
       the other instructions, and safety for tourist.  
    4. Special agreement 
       Between Traesco and the tourist can make special agreement within the scope which is not violated in domestic law.  In this case, 
       both side will confirm by written document. 
    5. Exchanging contract and agreement 
     1) Traesco will provide the contract, agreement, and brochure for each person at the departure point when the reservation made 
       through telephone line or E-mail.  When the reservation make in Traesco office, the document will provide at the office. 
       Traesco can provide one document for a team.  
     2) When the tourist understand and agree the contents and agreement and brochure, and Traesco require to make contract through 
       E-mail or other electrical means, and the inquiry will be accepted by both sides, it will be considered that the contract' 
       documents are provided.  
    6. Responsibilities of Traesco 
     1) Traesco will take in charge of all losses caused by given services intend or ignorance losses happened during the tour 
     2) Traesco will compensate the tourists for loss caused by the delay departure and arrival by transportation means of Traesco 
       (But when the losses are not company’s intending error or ignorance, it will not compensate). 
     3) Traesco will compensate for tourists the losses or damage caused by Traesco employee’s failure.  
       However, if the losses and the damage cause by keeping the valuables by a tourist in spite of Traesco’s warning, the loss 
       and damage are not responsible for Traesco. 
    7. Tour cost 
     1) The basic cost includes as the followings: 
        - The normal cost of using transportation means such as bus or railroad. 
        - Meals (exclude Dinner) 
        - Guide and driver’s service charge. 
        - Taxes and Insurance fee. 
        - Entrances fee. 
        - Other travel recording fee served by Traesco such as taking pictures, mail charge to send VIDEO clips and data transmission. 
     2) Tourist will pay 10 % of down payment when making contract. If the tourist cancel the contract, the down payment will not reimburse. 
     3) The balance will be paid at departure point before departure. 
     4) Tourist can be paid the cost as designated means (currency or credit card). 
    8. Starting and closing tour 
       The tour will start when the tourists get on the transportation means at the pick-up point. The tour will be closed when the 
       tourists get off the bus or other transportation means (If a contract should modify during the tour, the getting off point could
       follow on modified contract).  
    9. Refusal contract 
     Traesco can refuse the contract as following cases:
     1) When the estimated tourist could give severe damage or disturbance to the other tourist. 
     2) All persons when a team booked less than 2 persons. 
    10. Cancellation the contract   
     1) Traesco can cancel when the booking tourists made less than 2 persons, and then Traesco will inform the fact to all booked 
        tourists, and will refund the down payment as soon as possible. 
     2) Above case, Traesco will refund to all booked tourists the down payment with some promotional gift.  
     3) The tourist can cancel the contract before at 7:00 PM the day before departure day. In this case 10 % of down payment will not refund. 
     Only the following cases are excepted; 
     1) Happened a severe disease or damage on a tourist (Will provide a medical certificate.). 
     2) Could not perform according the tour schedule by others' incident which provides written certificate by official authority.  
    11. Modification tour schedule and payment 
     1) Above 1 to 10 can be modify as following conditions; 
        - When the tourists request and agree with both sides and inevitable situations happen at the local area for the safety. 
        - When occurring serious natural disaster, war, government and local government’s order, labors strike, and stop the work. 
     2) By above modifications, if the tour cost should increase or decrease, the adjusted amount could pay within 10 days.  
     3) The tourist cannot request the refund about not provided service because the tourist did not inform before departure.  If a 
        tourist should stop the tour by just individual one of things, Traesco could provide him a transportation mean to starting point. 
    12. Explanting obligation 
     Traesco will explain about this agreement before making contract.  
    13. Insurance 
     Traesco will join tour insurance or benevolent fund or deposit security money to compensate expected damages. 
    14. Others 
     1) Any disputes caused by not listed in this agreement will apply in-country law or will decide discussion with Traesco and tourist. 
     2) About the specified tour course, Traesco and tourist will apply special agreement closes when agree with both sides. The special
        agreement document will keep both sides. 
     3) Any incident not listed in this agreement will process by discussion with Traesco and tourist.